How to Pray for Israel

God has a plan for the nation of Israel.  No one, not even Satan himself can cause God to deviate from His plan.  We are commanded to pray, ask for, inquire regarding the peace of Jerusalem (Psa 122:6).

As an indigenous Israeli ministry, Revive Israel is often asked, “How can we as believers in Yeshua from other nations pray for the Nation and Body of believers in Israel?  Here are seven things that we find to be critical for those called to intercede for Israel.

Pray for the average Israeli to have hope.

Given the international political pressure, Israeli society suffers severe economic and natural resource limits.  The international pressure affects the life of the average Israeli by forcing up the cost of daily items such as housing, fuel and food.  These pressures often leave the average Israeli in a hopeless day-to-day disposition.  Please pray for Israelis to have hope – the hope found in Yeshua the Messiah.

Pray for National Security.

As we read the news everyday, Israel is under constant threat for their continued existence as a sovereign nation.  Please pray for wisdom for the Israeli governmental  leaders.  Please also pray that those protecting her borders would have eyes like eagles to uncover evil plans against her.

Pray for unity in the Body of believers.

Within the Body of Believers in Israel there are many forms of expression and variations in theological orientation.  As persecution increases, please pray that the Lord produce unity among believers in Yeshua in Israel.  Please pray that those across the entire spectrum of faith be humble and cooperative.  There has been great progress within the Body in Israel over the last 20 years.

Pray for believing Israeli young people.

Often times young believers in Yeshua in Israel are the only believer in their school, town or village.  Please pray that each of these brave young ones be strengthened in their faith and connected to other believers in Yeshua.  One means of connection is thru national youth camps that provide a venue for these young people to be strengthened in their faith and to be connected to each other in deeper ways.  Strong young followers of the faith are the future of the Body of believers in Israel.

Pray for the increase of effective personal evangelism.

We have found that the most effective form of evangelism within Israel is through personal relationships over the long term.  As we declare Yeshua to Israelis, we find that living life in close proximity so that the values of integrity and loyalty can be expressed in close quarters.  Please pray for Israel believers to become key leaders in modern Israeli society so that many can hear and see the love of Yeshua.

Pray for effective discipleship of native Israeli believers.

Because of the unique challenges of life in Israel, it is not often practical for new believers to quit their jobs and join a full time discipleship program.  We have realized that often times the most practical method is to develop a discipleship program that is highly flexible and able to be personalized to each new believers need.  Please pray that many more Israelis would come to know Yeshua and that they might be able to be effectively discipled into his likeness.

Pray for the believers in Israel to posses the Land.

Due to high housing costs and persecution as believers in Yeshua, it is often a great challenge for believers in Israel to own homes and businesses.  As the Body becomes more recognized as a legitimate part of Israeli society, it is important for them to begin to build businesses and own homes as part of their witness to the society around them.  One particular project along these lines is in partnership with Yad Hashmonah, the nation’s only Messianic Jewish owned moshav.  This new project intends to build an industrial center and residential neighborhood that will be populated by Messianic Jewish businesses and families.  This will be a great advancement for the message of Yeshua in Israel and around the world.